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As Jade, Wilde has her biggest role to date, and she ably fills Brooke Shields’ shoes from the first film with a similar beauty and (short-lived) innocence.

But more importantly than how they work on their own, Pettyfer and Wilde are good together and are capable of communicating to the audience their desire for one another.

Why does this movie make us feel so old and grumpy?

Where “Endless Love” fails is in its depiction of the titular emotion, and even its title grates since it’s supposed to be between teenagers.

The stars are able to move beyond the script from director Shana Feste (“Country Strong”) and her co-writer Josh Safran (“Gossip Girl” and “Smash”).

It doesn’t elicit any groans, but there were more than a few eye rolls from our row.

Both he and Jade are aged up a bit here, making certain elements less potentially troubling to the audience.Alex Pettyfer has, until now, been known mostly for his hunky, chiseled good looks and as the maybe-fiance of Dianna Agron (aka Glee Cheerio Quinn Fabray)--but he's about to be known for a whole lot more.[#image: /photos/5582c45f941a95530d04dea9]

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It’s not unbearably cheesy, though it doesn’t offer any insight into the reasons Pettyfer and Wilde’s characters are so desperate to be together.

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